Save the date for Bioagora 2019

Save the date for Bioagora 2019


Bioagora 2019 will take place on 19 November at the Mærsk Tower, University of Copenhagen, Panum Institute

The theme of the year will be autoimmune diseases


Sign up will open in April 2019


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Bioagora 2018 - highlights from the day with an estimated 500 participants

The Biopeople team thanks everyone for a great day at the Bioagora 2018. Due to the huge success at this years event, we look forward to welcoming you back at Bioagora 2019, at a new and bigger location.

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Exhibitors’ experiences at the Bioagora 2018

In a recent internal evaluation based on interviews with 30 out of 75 exhibitors, everyone points out three specific reasons for being at the Bioagora 2018:

  • Visibility as part of the field,
  • Networking – especially with people they already know
  • Getting new contacts, customers and collaboration partners

Researchers are popular, as they are often decision makers of lab purchases. All appreciate both the informal atmosphere and the fact that participation is free.

At the event, Biopeople talked to three of the exhibitors about their reason for being at the Bioagora:

Patients want to be included

Patients want to be included

“I’m from an NGO patient association with 2500 members. It’s the second time DBO is exhibiting. Our expectation is to network, I establish new contacts with participants and other exhibitors. I promote and communicate a lot about what kind of association we are, hand out leaflets and our popular pink pens.

Of specific interest: We would like researchers to know that we as a patient association would like to be included whenever possible in various research projects and that we have a perspective to contribute, because we have previous experiences. As patients we have different approaches and background, but I very much believe we can contribute. Especially currently with the focus on increased patient involvement. Bioagora is a good place to be.”

Gitte Laursen, acting chairwoman of the Danish Breast Cancer Organisation (DBO)

Recruiting potential new students and collaborators

Recruiting potential new students and collaborators

“I’m a group leader of a small research group at the University of Copenhagen. I’m here to promote the lab, and I’m here to recruit potential new students, bachelors, masters, PhDs, even postdocs, any level. This is my 3rd year attending. I think it’s a good outreach event, and I always like that I’ve come out with at least one collaboration: another researcher or industry. It’s always good to meet people.

Today, I have potentially already my new collaboration. He works in the same field as me, in Alzheimer’s’ Disease. We’ve been talking a long time, and we’ve exchanged cards, so I hope that we’ll be in contact, it has good promise.

A lot of students have come up and taken information away. I’ve always been lucky to get at least one student that has approached me during in Bioagora, who has started in our lab. It’s good for the students too, to do the outreach and also experience what it is like to talk about their research. Share their experience.”

Vanessa Hall, Associate Professor, Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Why a (bio)agora?

In Ancient Greek Cities the agora was an open space that served as a central meeting ground for various activities of the citizens and the focus of political, commercial, administrative and social activities.

The concept of this cross-disciplinary approach in an open meeting place fits our concept of creating an open space across disciplines to facilitate innovation.

Participant list and photos at the event

By participating in this Biopeople event, you have consented to the publishing of participant lists with your contact details. At this event a list of participants will be available to other participants.

Biopeople will also register your contact details for the purpose of keeping track of our matchmaking activities.

Photographs will be taken at the event and may be published in connection with Biopeople communications. If you do not want your photo used, please contact the Biopeople reception desk at the event, and we will take down your name and take a photo of you in order to avoid this.

Read more: Biopeople’s privacy policy

Path between academia and industry

Path between academia and industry

”We’re here today because immunotherapy and immunology is an important business area for us. We’re here for the first time to test what we can take from it. Academia has been a key market for us, but now we also see the industry has adopted the Seahorse XF technology, so we figured this could be a nice path between the two, allowing us to meet customers from both sides.

Its’ been a mixed experience, but it’s interesting to see some of the other companies and what they have to offer. I have just discussed our T cell activation assay with a guy from the industry, who found it relevant to the type of applications they are running in his lab, so if something comes out of this, it’s been fully worth our time.”

Lasse Martlev, Seahorse product specialist at Agilent Technologies

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