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Magdalena Janina Laska, CSO at AimVion A/S

Magdalena Janina Laska, CSO at AimVion A/S

Magdalena Laska will talk about: Endogenous retroviruses: Foes turned friends. A journey from basic science to new drug candidates

Dr. Magdalena Laska is an award-winning scientist and CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) of AimVion A/S, a leading company in the field of autoimmune and anti-inflammatory drug discovery and development. She has published over 30 academic articles and holds several patents. She earned her PhD on the involvement of RAI gene in cancer, where she was highly influenced by her work at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). Dr. Laska’s research has since been focused on the involvement of Human Endogenous Retroviruses in Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer. Today she is the leader of the AMBER (autoimmunity modulated by endogenous retroviruses) research group, at Aarhus University Hospital. The group currently studies a paradigm shifting hypothesis about the interaction between the endogenous retrovirus and the human immune system. This work has resulted in new peptide drug candidates for treatment of autoimmunity that have major advantages compared to biologics currently used in the clinic, including fewer side effects and lower costs, which makes the treatments more available for less affluent people.

Dr. Laska is a regular speaker at high profile international conferences and forums. She is also an active member of research associations, both in Denmark and in the US.


Thomas Vorup - Jensen, Professor, MD, DMSc

Thomas Vorup - Jensen, Professor, MD, DMSc

Thomas Vorup Jensen will talk about: Soluble CD18 Adhesion Molecules and the Complexity of Functional Biomarkers in Inflammatory Diseases

Thomas Vorup-Jensen is a professor at the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University. As a keynote speaker at the Bioagora he will give a talk on 'Biomarkers in Inflammation: Challenges and Opportunities'.

At the University of Aarhus Thomas Vorup-Jensen conducts research into the function of protein molecules in the immune system, which is extremely complicated and still holds many unsolved enigmas. The aim of Thomas Vorup-Jensens reasearch will hopefully pave the way for entirely new drugs.

Abstract for key-note at Bioagora 2019

Thomas Vorup-Jensen at Linkedin



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